Mysterious men on OKC

Good afternoon!

So, my friend and I were just talking about how there are no interesting, open minded and unique people on here and then today I stumble across your profile – you seem like a pretty cool individual… much more than most on here. You seem like a free spirit and that is very much what I am looking for right now. I also love how intelligent and self-sufficient you seem to be – you really seem to be very responsible and the fact that you love your kids as much as you do speaks volumes to what kind of girl you are. I don’t think I have ever seen someone express how fun yet responsible they can be as well as you did in your profile, super mom! πŸ™‚

On a side note, that upclose face pic in your profile is amazing – you legit look like an angel when you smile. I’m being 100% honest when I say this, but regardless of whether you reply to my message or not, please just know that your profile pictures paired with reading about what a warm and kind person you are truly did make my bad day a lot better.


The trophy for best pic goes to the farther out pic of you with that amazing smile! Wow!

Lastly, I feel you should know I am a Dominant personality type and you seem like you may share the same kinks as myself… which.. I find very intriguing and feel would make for even more interesting scenarios – not going to lie, your survey answers kind of surprised me! It’s not often you find someone into that type of thing in this area, but I know they’re out there somewhere!

And no, don’t worry – I’m not just out for sex or whatever, I just wanted to tell you about my lifestyle ahead of time so that didn’t come as a shock later on if we do end up talking.

Most people around here are so single-layered, so please do me the honor of getting to know you – you seem like such an interesting and fun person to know!

I really, truly hope to hear back from you. It’s so rare I find someone actually work talking to on this site. Feel free to kik me if you have kik *&^*&%$#^&016

You really are so real and so pleasant. Let’s talk.

Did this just overwhelm you? Because it sure did me. I received this message on OKC about a month ago and normally when I get a message of that length, I chalk it up to a man just copying and pasting the same message to a number of women, hoping someone will respond and I simply delete it. But this guy’s profile intrigued me, so I messaged him back and pretty much asked him if it was a “form letter”. He responded pretty quickly with an equally lengthy message explaining that no, it was not a “form letter” and pointing out more about my profile and answers to some of the questions that he liked. I still didn’t believe him but I was still intrigued by some of his responses so I continued to message him. We messaged for a few days and I enjoyed our conversations. And then one day, I logged in and his profile was deleted. WTF?!

I can’t say I was surprised, that seems to happen with these mysterious men who probably aren’t even real. I’ve heard about men getting the same type of messages from accounts that turn out to be fake, I don’t get it. What is the allure of all this? Has anyone else had the same experiences of what I’m assuming is fake profiles?

Single-handedly catching up

It has been a crazy month, so I will take a few post to get you guys caught up on the shenanigans that have been my life.

One thing I struggled with in October was having to put down our beloved dachshund. 

She had been with us for about four years and my younger son has grown with her, he was only two when we got her. He loved her so much and making the decision to put her down was a difficult one. Prior to our move, she was having some pain in her neck and back. The vet confirmed that she was experiencing some inflammation and gave us medication to help her with the pain. They suggested we get her to rest as much as possible to help the inflammation. My little man was diligent about giving her the medication every morning and it became a routine and beautiful bonding moment for both of them. The medication seemed to help for about a month and then all of a sudden she took a turn for the worse and lost movement in the back half of her body. Within three days she couldn’t walk and then she couldn’t move. She had lost control of her bladder and bowels and she wouldn’t eat. It was painful to watch. My boys were spending the weekend with their father as he got married, so I made the difficult decision with the help of Red and I thought it would be best to do it while they were away. We contacted Lap of Love and they were amazing. They came to the house and everything was done in the comfort of my living room. I held her until she stopped breathing. They left us with a locket of her hair and a plaster of her paw print. When the boys came home Sunday evening I sat them down and explained the events of the weekend, it was heartbreaking and the longest night. The pain is still fresh and I’m sure it’ll be a while before it isn’t.

Another reason I have not posted anything is because on 11/3, I had a minor surgery on my right hand / ring finger and I was in a plaster splint for about 20 days. Typing was a bitch. I probably picked the worst possible time to be one-handed. Last Sunday marked the end of my semester and I was a little behind due to the surgery and the other events leading up to it. So I spent last week playing catch up and boy was that a mess. I typed ten, two to four page assignments, took one final exam, and typed a 20 page final project in about five days. My hand remained inflamed and sore pretty much the entire week. Now the plaster splint is off and the stitches are out but I still need a little rehabilitation. Typing is still a bitch and just getting this little bit down has been difficult. I’ll start physical therapy soon, I know that will be painful but hopefully I’ll be back to typing like normal soon.

Stay tuned for more about why I deleted ALL the dating apps.

(Mr.) Electricity is out

A few posts back I talked about a lineman I have been talking to. This week we had some pretty intense conversations. He revealed his trepidation about getting back out there after his last relationship. Apparently she was psycho and took him for the savings he had built up over the last five years since his divorce. Trust me, I get it. I, too have been taken for money by someone I thought loved me and it is difficult to trust after going through that.

But all I’m asking for is lunch or coffee and hell, we can even go dutch!

With my boys, I do not get a lot of free time and he understands that and he has even less free time, according to him. This is the first weekend in a month that I haven’t had my boys or been stuck inside because of the weather from a hurricane.

Regardless we spent most of the week texting throughout the day and talking about meeting up today (Saturday) since he is off. Monday, he even sent me a very happy text rejoicing in the fact that he had a week off of being on-call.

Then, yesterday he informs me that he was going to work an event that night and all day Saturday. He made it sound like he was forced to do this but I just can’t believe that. He said he was sorry but he had “certain responsibilities within his job that needed his attention.” I think this event was an out for him. He tells me that he could get lost in my eyes but blows me off for a two day event in his home town, only twenty minutes from where I live.

How long does it take to get lunch? or a coffee? This event is over at 6:00 pm tonight, I know because I planned on attending.

Well, I’m done. I don’t believe his story. I think if you are going to agree to plans you should be man enough to follow through. I’ve been laying around most of the morning checking out POF and Tinder. Not much is going on with Tinder but I’ve gotten a few messages on POF. And Red and his girl are on their way to rescue me and get me out of the house. Believe me, I can do that on my own but it’s nice to have people in your life who want to be there for you. I love those two and look forward to my afternoon with them, right after I take this car full of cardboard to the recycling center.

We are almost completely unpacked!!!

It’s Fall Y’allΒ 

Yes, I am a southern girl. I say y’all daily! 

This weekend was full of family fun. I loved every moment of it but I’m exhausted. 

The boys and I started with a quick dinner at Chili’s on Friday. My younger son was pissed that it was not Pizza Hut but soon realized Chili’s pizza was pretty damn good too. 

He’s happily waiting for his pizza while playing tic, tac, toe. 

Saturday we enjoyed a lazy morning with a homemade southern breakfast and cartoon. Then we joined Red and his girlfriend and her family for a BBQ. It was a beautiful fall day. We ate, talked, and ate some more. We could’ve asked for a better evening. 

I took the boys to the farmers market Sunday morning and they were happy with our loot of broccoli, sweet potatoes, cucumbers, apples, squash, zucchini, and honey. 

I treated them to Pizza Hut after the market and before hitting the pumpkin patch. We finished our outing with ice cream. Wow, what a day! 

I love these weekends with my babies and this fall weather makes it that much more enjoyable. 

Have a fantastic week bees! 

Margaritas and the Mundane

Last week I mentioned the possibility of going to a show with another new match. Last Friday the new match phoned to tell me he would be working Saturday and wouldn’t be able to take me to the comedy show but invited me to dinner that night. I agreed and planned to meet him after dropping my boys off at their dads. 

It was poring rain when I finally made it back into town and this new match was waiting for me inside the restaurant. He didn’t see me walking up because he jumped up to open the door for an elderly woman with a walker and her family. I stood back and watched this sweet gesture. 

He was dressed in a pair of khakis and a button down with a pair of nice boots. He looked good, confident. His hair was longer than I expected but it was neatly combed back and he had the perfect amount of facial hair. 

We sat down and immediately the conversation flowed at a comfortable pace. After two margaritas we were still talking but he informed me he had to get home to his children. Surprisingly, I don’t remember having the knowledge that he had children, so we talked about them for a few more moments. 

At the end of the date he mentioned going out again Saturday night if he finished work early enough. I was up for that and suggested he text the next day to see his progress. He walked me to my car and leaned in for a hug. He didn’t try to kiss me. I would’ve kissed him if he tried, but he didn’t and I wasn’t going for it, so a hug was sufficient. 

Saturday brought Hurricane Matthew and lots of rain and my power was out for a few hours. I slept a lot and went out for a late lunch with Red and his girl. It was nice to be among adults. New Match texted a few times Saturday and again mentioned taking me out after work but in the end, he didn’t show and I haven’t heard from him either. 

The lack of communication is probably partly my fought. I’ve had another depressing week. And to top it off, it’s mid term week and I’m not close to being ready. Saturday was supposed to be devoted to school but with all the sleeping I did and not having power, I was far from productive. 

On a brighter note, this week has also given me the time to continue to text with Electric Guy. He’s off call next weekend and were planning on getting together. I like him. He’s sweet, kind, a hard worker, values his career, has goals, and so much more. I’m looking forward to finally seeing him in person. The more we talk, the more excited I get. I’ll keep you guys in the loop, I promise 

No Electricity Tonight

It’s 9:00 pm and I’m in my PJs curled up in bed with a book. I’m not really reading it. I’m a little bummed, a little down. 

I knew this was a possibility. The latest guy I met on Tinder has a very busy work schedule, it’s actually one of the things I like about him. We have been talking/texting for a week or so and he expressed the desire (yesterday) to grab a coffee this evening after work. Last night he had to go back into work after being home for a couple hours for an emergency. And these types of things happen on a weekly basis. And with Hurricane Matthew coming he did inform me that he could be working late to prepare for that. 

But today we were texting back and forth most of the day and then around 2:30 he got silent. At 6 he let me know he was still working. I understood and asked him just to let me know when he got off and we would see where we were with getting together. 

He didn’t leave work until after 8 and I wasn’t going to push. I really wanted to see him, and I had a sitter lined up, but after working 14 hours I understand. 

So here I am laying in bed with a book I’m not really reading. Bummed and tired and stressed all over again. 

Good night bees, it’s possible I’ll be going to a show this weekend with a different new match. I’ll let you guys know if that happens or if I have yet another date fall through.