Exploring online dating apps


A Whole New World of Dating

As a working, single, thirty-something mom how do you find time to date?

And when you have those precious hours, where do you go? The bar scene seems so depressing and the club scene is too loud.

For me, I would rather have a date lined up, allowing me to enjoy those precious hours of free time instead of stressing over where to go and what to do. Enter online dating!!

There are dozens of online dating apps, where do you begin? I say, pick one
(or two) and give it at least 2 weeks before throwing in the towel or trying another. Here are my tips on how to make the most out of online dating.

  • Upload pictures. Make your main picture stand out. DO NOT POST A
    GROUP PIC AS YOUR MAIN PHOTO. The guy isn’t playing “Where’s  Waldo?” A headshot is completely acceptable as long as you also have
    at least one full body shot. Let the guys know what you’re working with, trust me, they want to see it. Don’t be slutty, find attractive, well
    put together photos that show off who you really are. You don’t show  up to a first date in sweats and no makeup, leave those pictures out of
    your dating profile.
  • Don’t skimp on the details. Fill out all the boxes! I despise a profile
    that isn’t filled out. If it asks you what you’re looking for, answer honestly. Be as thorough as possible without writing a book. You want
    to leave something to talk about but supply enough information to give
    the guy something to ask you about. I’m very forward and it’s difficult
    to reach out to a guy and send the first message if he doesn’t tell me  anything about himself in his profile.
  • Log on regularly. A lot of these apps will list you according to the last
    time you logged in. So, if you want to be seen, log in regularly. I also find it easy to get overwhelmed, especially as a new user. You will get bombarded the first week. Keep your messages clean, delete the guys you aren’t interested in and keep your conversations flowing with the
    ones you want to meet.
  • Be honest with yourself. Do you know what you want? What you’re looking for? Guys are going to ask, so be prepared. If you’re looking for
    a serious relationship, make it known. If you’re looking for hookups, put it out there. All these sites have a fair share of men looking for hookups, if that isn’t you, let them know. Most men respect that and will move on. If they don’t, you can always block or delete them.
  • Go out. Don’t be afraid to go out.. When I first started this journey I let my mother get in my head with all this “be careful, he might me a serial killer!” mess. But let’s be honest, how likely is that to happen. If you’re a responsible adult, you can safely meet a man in a public place without fear of him being anything more than what he appeared to be on his profile. I have a person (I actually have 2) and I always reach out to them with who I’m meeting and where. I’ll send them a picture of the guy and all the important information, just in case. But they’ve never had a need to use it. Be smart and you’ll be safe. Most importantly, have fun.

There isn’t one app that fits all but as long as you use these tips, be yourself,
and put yourself out there, you can have an enjoyable experience. Let me
know how it goes, share your tips with me, your experiences, and any advice in the comments below.


One thought on “HARMONY & TINDER & MATCH, OH MY

  1. I used match.com as my online dating site of choice in the past, and after reading your tips, I’ve gotta say that they are on point and awesome. This knowledge would have definitely served me (especially the one about including a full body shot in my photos). I look forward to utilizing this insider information today!


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