Stood Up

Have you ever been stood up? 

The extent of my dating experience has mostly taken place in the last couple years. I have been on over a dozen first dates, and I have never been stood up! Until tonight…

I don’t pay for the updated versions of the dating apps, I’m not at that point yet and it seems like a waste of money. But I have found out that if I turn on the notifications on POF, I’ll see which men check yes to “meet me” in my notification bar. From there I can search their username and find their profile. This is how I found MR. ALL TALK. 

There were a couple notifications this morning when I woke up and he was the only one who I found attractive. So, I sent a message. Within a couple minutes he responded and we chatted all morning. By mid morning he invited me out for coffee. We exchanged numbers and made plans to meet at 10:30 tonight, after I got off work. 

We continued to text throughout the day. He asked a lot of questions and I felt I gave adequate answers. He seemed interested. I also asked my own questions. He appeared to be a successful, funny, and outgoing man. We joked and laughed throughout our conversations and I was looking forward to meeting him. 

At one point he asked if I was a tease. I was thrown! For the life of me I could not figure out what I had said to constitute being considered a tease. But he insisted he just wanted to make sure I was real and wasn’t going to bale on our date. 

No, I am far from a tease! Maybe I should have asked if he was a tease. 

Ten o’clock came around, I got off work and changed clothes. I shot him a text letting him know I was on my way but never got a response. I continued onto our destination hoping he would actually show up. 

I arrived about ten minutes early and decided to call. It rang twice and then went to voicemail. That’s when I realized he probably wasn’t going to show. I left a voicemail and continued to wait. I gave him 15 minutes after our meeting time and after no text or call, I left. 

I was pissed. I woke up early this morning and did a few chores, got the boys ready to spend the weekend at their father’s, drove almost two hours to take them to their grandmothers, and then worked for 8 hours. I was looking forward to unwinding and getting to know this sweet man I had been chatting with all day. But instead of going home and sulking I decided to treat myself. So, here I am

at Amelie’s French Bakery. I’ve actually never been here and I’ve been meaning to check it out. I ordered a pear tart and when the server learned it was my first visit, she recommended the macaroon. I decided on the salted caramel brownie macaroon and added coffee. 

It’s late, about 11 pm and this place is bumping. I’m sitting outside on this mild summer night and I’m ok. It’s ok that Mr. All Talk didn’t have the balls to cancel or let me know he wasn’t going to make it. It’s ok that I just ate a days worth of calories in 30 minutes. And it’s ok that this coffee will keep me up for a few hours. I’m ok, I’m healthy, I’m young, and I’m beautiful. 


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