My Uberly Exciting Weekend

This post is about a week late, its been a crazy week but lets focus on last weekend.

My weekend began with getting my boys up on Saturday and enjoying a meal together after running a few errands. I then dropped them off at my mom’s for some swimming and a sleepover.

While my boys were splashing in the pool, I took off to a bridal shower for one of my closest friends. I absolutely love celebrating with fun and amazing people, it’s so refreshing. The atmosphere was comfortable, the spread was beautiful and delicious, and the company was top notch.

Doesn’t this look beautiful?

I left the shower a little early to prepare for a date with Sparky, who is briefly introduced here.

I was looking forward to this night all week. I picked up a new dress just for the occasion, painted my toe nails a bright pink, and did the necessary grooming and primping.

Our plan was to have a few drinks at my house, call Uber for a ride to the movies, walk to a local pub and then call Uber for a ride home. Neither of us had used Uber before, this would be a new adventure for both of us and he took care of downloading the app and signing up before our date (a gentleman move).

He arrived right on time with a 12 pack of Corona and a couple limes. We sat on my couch, enjoyed our beer, listened to music, and just talked. It was nice and comfortable. After about three drinks I was feeling great. I may have definitely swayed my hips a little in the kitchen and sung along to the music I had playing.

The rest of the night continued on this same comfortable, laid back path. Our Uber ride to the movies was great, the driver was nice and very talkative. She mentioned her daughter’s school and since Sparky and I both have school age children there was no lull in conversation. The movie was not so great, or at least I didn’t care for it. I mention it in passing here. We finished the night at Hickory Tavern for more drinks and conversation. I will say, he was on his phone a little more than I would normally be comfortable with but I let him slide and he did apologize.

The Uber ride back to my house was probably one of the most exciting parts of the night. Not only was Sparky trying to get a little frisky with me in the back seat but the driver missed a turn and decided to take us a little sideways to get back on track and ended up in the same lane as an oncoming car. I’m pretty sure I squeezed his thigh a little harder than necessary.

Our date ended with me making breakfast Sunday morning. Everything in the middle was fantastic and THE most exciting part of the night. I hope to have a repeat of those events soon, very soon.

Sunday I drove up to Tanglewood with the boys and a friend. We did some hiking, visited the stables, and walked through the gardens.

We had a great time until the rain came. We will make another trip soon, maybe when it’s not so hot.


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