An Egg with Red

Red and I are headed to Winston Salem to look at a house today. It has been a super stressful week. Red was offered an amazing job in Winston and with our lease being up this month it is the perfect time to move. Well, maybe not perfect because moving is a bitch but it’s now or never. 

We stopped for brunch on the way and I can’t believe I’ve never been to The Egg in Davidson. 

Our server was great and recommended the “Junkyard” or one of their “Benes”. I couldn’t resist the idea of their special holindaise sauce so I got the Fiesta Bene. The home fries were so tasty. 

And Red went with The Junkyard with gravy and bacon. He dug right in so, I didn’t get a pic. 

We are both stuffed and were very pleased with all the food. 

Wish us luck today as we hopefully get keys to our new home. With the boys, work, school, this move, and my crazy dating life I may need to be committed before this is said and done. But in the mean time I’ll keep trucking along. 


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