Catching up

Three weeks ago Red and I drove up to Winston Salem to check out a few houses, we should have just stopped at the first one because it was a winner. 
Twenty days ago we signed a lease for said house and got the keys. 

Two weeks ago we brought the last load of our possessions to the house and immediately started unpacking. 

Thirteen days ago Red’s girlfriend convinced me to give Tinder another chance since I was living in a new city. I reactivated both Tinder and POF. 

Ten days ago my boys started at their new school. This has caused me to most stress out of everything. This school is completely unorganized, the bus system is actually pretty scary, and they do not have the budget for advanced learning programs, which both of my boys were in at their last school. Due to the bus issue and lack of transportation to the after school program I plan to use, I am limited in the hours I am available to work at this time. 

Regardless, eight days ago, I started working at my new location. The people seem nice and I’m slowly getting to know my coworkers. I’m currently limited to about 25 hours per week but I think I can make that work. 

Three days ago I went on a first date. I was a little disappointed in this guys lack of planning but we had a good time together and we have continued to talk this week. 

Yesterday I was invited to coffee for this evening with a different match and I’m actually pretty excited about this one. 

So, now that you’re caught up I hope you understand why I’ve been MIA. I have a few ideas for posts coming up soon. In the meantime I am desperately trying to get caught up with my own school work while still unpacking the house. Send me good vibes for my ice breaker date tonight. 


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