Margaritas and the Mundane

Last week I mentioned the possibility of going to a show with another new match. Last Friday the new match phoned to tell me he would be working Saturday and wouldn’t be able to take me to the comedy show but invited me to dinner that night. I agreed and planned to meet him after dropping my boys off at their dads. 

It was poring rain when I finally made it back into town and this new match was waiting for me inside the restaurant. He didn’t see me walking up because he jumped up to open the door for an elderly woman with a walker and her family. I stood back and watched this sweet gesture. 

He was dressed in a pair of khakis and a button down with a pair of nice boots. He looked good, confident. His hair was longer than I expected but it was neatly combed back and he had the perfect amount of facial hair. 

We sat down and immediately the conversation flowed at a comfortable pace. After two margaritas we were still talking but he informed me he had to get home to his children. Surprisingly, I don’t remember having the knowledge that he had children, so we talked about them for a few more moments. 

At the end of the date he mentioned going out again Saturday night if he finished work early enough. I was up for that and suggested he text the next day to see his progress. He walked me to my car and leaned in for a hug. He didn’t try to kiss me. I would’ve kissed him if he tried, but he didn’t and I wasn’t going for it, so a hug was sufficient. 

Saturday brought Hurricane Matthew and lots of rain and my power was out for a few hours. I slept a lot and went out for a late lunch with Red and his girl. It was nice to be among adults. New Match texted a few times Saturday and again mentioned taking me out after work but in the end, he didn’t show and I haven’t heard from him either. 

The lack of communication is probably partly my fought. I’ve had another depressing week. And to top it off, it’s mid term week and I’m not close to being ready. Saturday was supposed to be devoted to school but with all the sleeping I did and not having power, I was far from productive. 

On a brighter note, this week has also given me the time to continue to text with Electric Guy. He’s off call next weekend and were planning on getting together. I like him. He’s sweet, kind, a hard worker, values his career, has goals, and so much more. I’m looking forward to finally seeing him in person. The more we talk, the more excited I get. I’ll keep you guys in the loop, I promise 


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