(Mr.) Electricity is out

A few posts back I talked about a lineman I have been talking to. This week we had some pretty intense conversations. He revealed his trepidation about getting back out there after his last relationship. Apparently she was psycho and took him for the savings he had built up over the last five years since his divorce. Trust me, I get it. I, too have been taken for money by someone I thought loved me and it is difficult to trust after going through that.

But all I’m asking for is lunch or coffee and hell, we can even go dutch!

With my boys, I do not get a lot of free time and he understands that and he has even less free time, according to him. This is the first weekend in a month that I haven’t had my boys or been stuck inside because of the weather from a hurricane.

Regardless we spent most of the week texting throughout the day and talking about meeting up today (Saturday) since he is off. Monday, he even sent me a very happy text rejoicing in the fact that he had a week off of being on-call.

Then, yesterday he informs me that he was going to work an event that night and all day Saturday. He made it sound like he was forced to do this but I just can’t believe that. He said he was sorry but he had “certain responsibilities within his job that needed his attention.” I think this event was an out for him. He tells me that he could get lost in my eyes but blows me off for a two day event in his home town, only twenty minutes from where I live.

How long does it take to get lunch? or a coffee? This event is over at 6:00 pm tonight, I know because I planned on attending.

Well, I’m done. I don’t believe his story. I think if you are going to agree to plans you should be man enough to follow through. I’ve been laying around most of the morning checking out POF and Tinder. Not much is going on with Tinder but I’ve gotten a few messages on POF. And Red and his girl are on their way to rescue me and get me out of the house. Believe me, I can do that on my own but it’s nice to have people in your life who want to be there for you. I love those two and look forward to my afternoon with them, right after I take this car full of cardboard to the recycling center.

We are almost completely unpacked!!!


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